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Travel size pack of Keratin complex smoothing shampoo and conditioner.


A Protective Blend of Keratin, Wheat and Soy Proteins. Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Keratin Care Shampoo gently cleanses the hair without diminishing essential keratin and moisture.


Formulated with a protective blend of keratin, wheat and soy proteins, this silky, sodium chloride-free formula helps to restore hair's resilience while giving it a smooth, shiny appearance. Ideal for all hair types, including dry, damaged or keratin treated hair.

Keratin complex smoothing shampoo and conditioner

  • Keratin Complex Colour Care Shampoo, 89mL: Sodium chloride and sulfate-free formula gently cleanses while leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny, as well as protecting colour.

    Keratin Complex Colour Care Conditioner, 89mL: Daily use conditioner with intensive nutrients and keratin proteins to nourish, detangle and restore vibrancy.

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